That’s a long title, isn’t it? But I wanted to catch your attention by asking you that question:

Have You Ever Thought About Scheduling Your Ministry Program for Every Other Week?


When I came to Hayward Wesleyan, there was (and still is) a mid-week children’s ministry program called Followers, and it occurred every other Monday after school. I thought that was strange because I thought consistent ministry programs should happen on a weekly basis. I reckoned that I would keep the routine the same for the first year then work toward having Followers every Monday.

After the first year was over, I realized the genius behind having this after school program every other Monday.

The Every Other Routine was Perfect for the Students

This goes into the psyche of a child and what they “look forward to.” Let me explain: Our students love coming to Followers. We not only have great instructional elements as well as intentional relationship building time with small group leaders, but we have lots of fun with the students! Followers is not one of those programs where parents have to drag their children to. It’s the kids dragging their parents to it!

Because the students love it, they look forward to it. Now, even when students love something, it still wears them out over time because they get used to it and it’s routine. The genius behind the every other routine is that one Monday they have Followers and the next Monday they do not. So when they ask their parents if it’s a Followers week, it’s 50-50 on what the answer is gonna be: yes or no. If it’s yes, they are pumped. If it’s no, then they are bummed and can’t wait for the next week when the answer is yes. The students are ALWAYS looking forward to Followers because it is not a regular every week thing.

To a child, it’s regularly irregular.

And that keeps the excitement alive!

The Every Other Routine was Perfect for the Leaders

I also realized that the Followers staff loved the every other routine. Having a Monday off in between each Followers really helps with morale and doesn’t wear people out with an every week commitment. It’s a welcome break when it’s not Followers and it’s a welcome service when it is Followers!

To an adult, it’s irregularly regular.

I know this setup might not work for most people or church programs, but we have found this routine to be highly beneficial for our outreach ministry longevity and sustainability to the children in our community. And, sometimes, we as children’s ministry directors or leaders, need to think differently when we have ministry challenges before us. There isn’t just one way to tackle things. Sometimes the genius behind something is counter-intuitive to what one might think!