youth-group-gamesI just came across a resource called:

Youth Group Games

It’s got almost 100 games in a searchable database by category or by age range and group size.

As a children and youth pastor, I need games and am always looking for new (and renewed) games. I’m building quite a list of games on this blog. I also need the games to be tried and tested in a ministry setting. So many of the games I seem to find online are great ideas, but don’t really work in real life. These do.

I found some that I had forgotten about as well as some different twists on games I was already familiar with.

Have fun!


  1. I LOVE this site. I use it frequently when planning games for my ministry. I posted a similar site on my blog last week. (sorry I’m at work so can’t put up a link right now, but it was this past Thursday.)

    Matt N.

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