This infographic shows the increased connectivity through the generations:

Millennials, Gen X-ers, Young Boomers and Older Boomers

It confirms what we all know:

we are more and more “hyper connected”

I wonder what would be said (in further research) for this current “digital” generation…?


“It’s no secret that Millennials (loosely classified as people born between 1977 and 1993) are the generation on the go. Mobile phones, tablet computers and wi-fi are technologies used every day, and these technologies enable Millennials to take all their networks, friends, and data with them. With 95 percent of Millennials online, it’s safe to say being connected is a daily part of their lives. In fact, compared to other generations, they are the most plugged in to the digital world around us.”



    • Definitely not “useless” but less connected that current and up and coming generations…

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