Every summer, students who have completed grades 3-5 in our area are invited to Kids Camp. It is such a fun week of learning about Jesus and how he changes our lives.

We purchased a website domain [wikidscamp.org] and parked a blog-based website there where we could easily update and add content. We also used the site for camp information as well as registration.

It was received well. As you can see from the graphic below, WI Kids Camp was in the month of June.


During the actual week of camp, the site averaged 400-500 hits a day. We uploaded videos of the music they were singing, photo slideshows, games the students participated in, and the teaching from our camp speaker.

I had thought about doing this last year, but didn’t because I thought it was too extravagant to acquire a web domain and cumbersome to update and operate it. After having blogged for over two years now, I am quite familiar with WordPress and its abilities, so getting the domain and a website behind it was actually very easy and cost conscientious.

I’m glad we did it. It worked very well.