banderdinker 2012

Since being involved in the Banderdinker, I have learned that the number 23 is a big deal. One for the 23rd Psalm. Two for the circumference of Nelson Lake = 23.4km. And many for times in Banderdinker Pam’s life where the number 23 would show up.

I couldn’t think of a better way to continue the #23 tradition than to offer a 23-word Banderdinker Blessing.

Pay close attention, it goes fast. Pastors aren’t usually known for their brevity, but I mainly work with children, so I’ve learned being long-winded isn’t in my best interest!

May your paddles be swift,
your time in the drink few.

May this trip on the lake renew
your heart, straight and true.

Lord, keep us safe. Amen.