A couple of weeks ago, Hayward Wesleyan Church shared some of the vision for this next year. For as long as Hayward Wesleyan has been under Pastor Mark Wilson’s leadership (20+ years), the mantra has been:

  • Bring ’em in
  • Build ’em up
  • Send ’em out

Mark shared that the first 10 years our church was focused on “bringing in” and the last 10 years on “sending out.” The arena that needs focus for perhaps the next decade is “building up” the body–discipleship.

On vision Sunday, Pastor Heath emphasized men’s discipleship (Turbo groups). Pastor Loretta emphasized women’s discipleship (Emotionally Healthy Spirituality). And I emphasized family discipleship. We each had a member of the congregation share a testimony of their involvement in one of these areas.

The video below is my introduction to “The Need for Family Discipleship” before the Heyworths graced the stage (I apologize that the sound recording wasn’t the best):

source Vimeo

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