As a rule, I haven’t talked about the blogging process much in this space. That’s not why I write, post, catalogue, and curate media on this blog. I post and blog mainly to share what I’m doing with myself as a public sort of reflection. The byproduct of this is that others get to sort of witness from the sidelines so-to-speak and participate and watch at will. However, part of the process of sharing this stuff becomes a part of me. It becomes a routine and a practice. So it is appropriate to share why and how I go about doing this.

I believe that good content almost always speaks for itself. One doesn’t usually consistently engage with bad content for any prolonged length of time (or at least I try not to… I don’t have much time anymore to waste) so I’m content with the content speaking for itself.

So this blog is either helpful or it isn’t or somewhere in between.

Whatever it is for my readers is great. I’ve enjoyed watching and interacting with the readership at the level of those who desire to contribute; some with comments, others with direct contact, and still those anonymous readers who count by their page visit on a particular post.

Over the last week and a half I have not posted anything. That has bothered me because this writing and curating has been good for me. A sort of discipline if you will. However, life, ministry, and other priorities have prevented me from spending my usual time writing and posting, and that’s okay (at least that is what I tell myself).

Maybe I’m OCD, but 3-4 times a day I check the page view count on the WordPress app that’s connected to the blog to gauge the content views. I like to see what’s being read and how often. So while I haven’t posted, I still am closely connected with this online space. It bears my name after all!

Anyway, enough musing for now. Hopefully I’ll carve out some time to step back in (as I fully intend to), but for now, it might be a little silent as I tackle some huge issues as well as some immense upcoming events.


  1. It is good to see you are back. At times we just need a break from things. Life is good and God is good

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