NSEW | Game Setup

  • The room needs to have either four walls, or four square lines (with somewhat equal area on each of the 4 walls or lines)
  • Mark each wall or line with a sign of the 4 points of a compass—North, South, East, and West

How to Play NSEW:

This is a large group game played with the WHOLE group

  • Start the WHOLE group on NORTH
  • The referee should yell out the place they want the players to go to (i.e. “SOUTH!”) And all of the players must run to touch the wall or cross the line for SOUTH.
  • The last 1 or 2 players to touch the wall or cross the line are OUT. Play the game until there is only 1 player remaining.
  • If the referee yells: “WEST!” and the players are already on WEST, then any player that moves their FEET are OUT. This is a good way to trick the players and to get OUT many players at one time.
  • Because this is a large group activity, please caution the players NOT to run over or push other players in their attempt to touch the wall or cross the line. Feel free to disqualify players who are not keeping other players safe.
  • When participants are OUT, designate a spot for them to go to and sit and watch

Download: NSEW Game [304kb, PDF]