Basic Dodgeball Rules

  • Divide the room into two halves with a center dividing line
  • Place the dodgeballs on the center line and start the players on the back line of each side
  • A player is OUT when hit by a ball from an opposing player that does NOT hit the ground, ceiling, wall, or anyone else
  • A player is OUT if an opposing player catches their thrown ball that does NOT hit the ground, ceiling or wall
  • A player is OUT if any part of their body crosses the center dividing line
  • A player is NOT out if hit anywhere above the shoulders by an opposing player

“David and Goliath” Variation

  • For the “David and Goliath” dodgeball variation, each team selects a “secret David” player that only they and the referee are aware of. A game of dodgeball ensues.
  • Once a player is OUT, then that player goes over to the side of their playing area and must stay out of the play ing area and cannot throw or hold on to any balls during their t ime out of the game
  • A player (or team) may come back into the game one of two ways:
  1. If a member of your team catches a ball from an opposing player that has not touched the ground, wall or ceiling, then one player can go back into the game, start ing in order of who got OUT first and so on
  2. If the referee yells: “JAILBREAK!” then both team’s time out players may re-enter
  • The team who successfully gets the other team’s “secret David” player OUT wins!

Additional Options

  • None.

Download: David and Goliath Dodgeball [204kb, PDF]