“Our brains and bodies need quiet time where they’re not doing anything at all.

“This doesn’t mean zoning out in front of the television for an hour and it doesn’t mean getting a full eight hours of sleep per night.

“It means setting aside time to process the events of the day, and perhaps the days before.

“It means letting your brain rid itself of all the excess thought you’ve accumulated from constantly doing.

I’ve got a stash of instant oatmeal in my office for the times when I forget my lunch and I need something quick and easy to eat. Typically I’ll grab a couple of packets, “cook” it in the microwave, then slowly eat it over the next 30 minutes while I’m doing other tasks. Then, I place the crusty remains of the oatmeal bowl in the kitchen sink and let it soak. More often than not, I would forget the bowl was there and someone would clean it up for me.

Well, I was feeling a little convicted about not washing my oatmeal bowl as well as running 100mph while I’m at the office, so I grabbed my oatmeal and sat down in our church’s Fireside Room (which is like a cafe-style room). And I just sat and stared out the window while I ate my oatmeal.

It was nice.

It was calming.

It was a good pause in my day.

And then I washed my oatmeal bowl along with someone else’s coffee cup and a carafe. Maybe I helped someone else out who was running 100mph!

It was a good reminder that I need to schedule in time to sit and do nothing on a more regular basis.

via Lifehacker


  1. That is a side of you that few people would ever see.

    You might live to be an old man yet . . .

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