Lay Hands Hastily On No One

I think in almost any circumstance, it is wise to lay hands on no one, than the wrong person. It takes a lot of work, insight, wisdom, and discernment to hire the right person for the job. But in almost every circumstance it is better to wait for the right person than go ahead with the wrong person.

As a children and middle school pastor, I lead an eclectic and fun group of volunteers. There have been a few instances where I have learned this proverb the hard way.

In our church overall, there are instances where I’ve seen us make too “hasty” a decision for someone to lead. I think we’ve done more things right than wrong, but from experience, I really see the importance of patience and wisdom when it comes to commissioning someone to lead.

This is part of a series called Patty Proverbs. When I was in college @ Multnomah University in Portland, our professor, Dr. Steve Patty, shared some proverbial leadership wisdom with his students. These are his “proverbs.”

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