People don’t remember so much your failure as they do your claims about their failure

As leaders, we know that we fail. And in those failures we hope that those we work with are the forgiving and understanding kind of folk. We know that anyone who is successful they have had to fail their way to success.

The dark side to this “success” of sorts is this:

  • How do we address and forgive the failure and mistakes of those we lead?
  • Do we give people the space to fail, or our we so constricting that we do not allow any mistakes?
Hopefully we are as graceful and forgiving with others’ failure as we would hope people with would be with our failure.

This is part of a series called Patty Proverbs. When I was in college @ Multnomah University in Portland, our professor, Dr. Steve Patty, shared some proverbial leadership wisdom with his students. These are his “proverbs.”


  1. It is not appropriate to say, “Oh, forget it.” It is possible for us to “learn from our failures” IF we will, with love and care, deal with what is wrong — and forgive!

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