The Parsley Principle

What is the difference between a $15 and a $30 steak? A piece of parsley.

Good idea vs. best idea. Often add something extra to it. Often the little extra things go very far.

This is the excellence principle. If things are worth doing, then do them well… or at the very least, do them increasingly well.

However, in one’s endeavor for excellence, please do not mistake the “parsley” for the steak. The steak is what sustains. The Gospel is what feeds one’s soul… not an excellent video.

Don’t lose sight of the steak in pursuit of the perfect garnish!

This is part of a series called Patty Proverbs. When I was in college @ Multnomah University in Portland, our professor, Dr. Steve Patty, shared some proverbial leadership wisdom with his students. These are his “proverbs.”


  1. Small things DO make a difference! Learning is a process and we must apply ourselves to getting it right! Simple, but not easy.

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