This is fascinating:

“The common usage of texting and Facebook has changed the dynamics of teenage dating. The biggest changes can be seen in the courting process where the goal is to ask the other person out on a date. However teenagers still meet potential romantic partners face-to-face.

“Another obvious shift is the fact that changing your Facebook relationship status to “in a relationship” or “single” is now seen by friends as the official declaration.”

I love the progression of meeting someone to eventual (hopefully) Facebook status change!

Are the days gone where two people meet face to face, then continue to foster connection and budding romance over dates? Rather than “checking up on someone’s profile page” and “Googling” their name now?
source Ericsson ConsumerLab


  1. I know the experts are right on — but I am not familiar with the
    devices available for communication.
    My choice is still face to face communication.

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