Ranked Methods of Communication for Teens

  1. Meet in person = 58%
  2. Texting = 28%
  3. Talking on mobile phone = 5%
  4. Facebook = 5%
  5. Talking on the home phone, email, Twitter = 1%

Who would have thought that the majority of teenagers want to communicate face-to-face instead of through technology?

I wonder if technology has provided a greater sense of communication and connection with friends when the opportunity to be face-to-face is not available via texting or Facebook?

What do you think this research might indicate?

HT Radical Parenting
source Ericsson ConsumerLab
report hugin.info


  1. Lord help us! It is next to impossible to know or care about or for a person if we do not talk face to face. Care is more evident when a person can see our eyes and facial features as well as our tone of voice!

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