I love stories! They have the capacity to call forth all kinds of emotions. Stories can make you cry, laugh, scream, even change behavior.

Here is one such story that any seasoned parent will appreciate:

“Why is it that kids will do just about anything in their capacity not to admit to certain things? It’s like they’d rather be attacked by a pack of angry trolls than to state the obvious. I don’t know about you, but my little sprouts flat out refuse to EVER acknowledge that they have to pee, that they’re tired, or that they need a dang Kleenex.”

Read what happens in this story called “Toddler Denial” @ EpicParent.tv


  1. One thing is sure: We cannot cover our ‘problems’ in our families by critizing another family with problems. Flat out: we need to share, love, be patient with families in our fellowship. Not just sympathy, but understanding!

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