Genealogies are fascinating. Boring, but fascinating. I remember back in Bible College listening to a professor unpack the profound insights found in the names and arrangements of the various Jewish genealogies. It didn’t make genealogies any more easier to read, but it make it far more relevant and fascinating.

Take Jesus’ two genealogical records for example:

  • Why is Matthew’s record different than Luke’s and vice versa?
  • Why does Luke begin with Adam and Matthew begins with Abraham?

The following graphical layout and comparison of the two accounts really help in understanding both why genealogies are important and why the differences in the two accounts:

Awaiting The Messiah Tim Challies

HT ChurchMag
source Tim Challies


  1. Then it takes many centuries of history to show that Jesus IS SON OF GOD SON OF MAN — NOT AN ACCOMODATION BUT THE REAL THING!

    Son of God to show us what God is like.
    Son of Man so we could see Him.

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