Make It or Break It Placards

“This resource is a super fun video-driven game that encourages lots of crowd interaction. There are 25 short video clips of athletes (skateboarders, bikers, snowboarders…) attempting some pretty cool jumps, flips, and tricks. To play the game, simply play the clips – they’ll pause at the pinnacle of each trick so your students can guess: do they MAKE IT or BREAK IT?”

How to Play “Make It or Break It” Game:

We played this game @ msy a couple Wednesdays ago. They loved it! Sometimes with these 50/50 guessing games, the students can figure out the rhythm of the answers, but these 25 video are so random and unexpected that they just couldn’t figure it out.

One group even resorting to paper rock scissors between group members to determine what they would guess, and it was working for them for a while!

You can access the video resources @ Stuff You Can Use


  1. Wow! This even invites some creative thinking to try to find a way to figure out an answer!

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