Bite Me

How to Play “Bite the Bag” Game:

You need a paper bag cut down to about 3-4 inches. The object of the game is to grab the paper bag with your mouth while bending down and balancing on one foot. Your hands or arms cannot touch the ground as well.

Some people play this game with several different cut sizes of paper bags, but we used two cut paper bags of the same height and we placed books underneath them to raise them up, and then we removed them to make the game more challenging.

We started with 5 books, then removed them one at a time as each participant succeeded in “biting the bag.” Each round, each contestant gets 3 shots at dipping down to get the bag. Each “dip” counts even if they come up empty-mouthed. Three chances and you’re out.

HT Youth Leader Stash
source YouTube


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