Recently I’ve come across a couple of great ministry resource blogs… particularly some really fun game ones – Youth Leader Stash and Stuff You Can Use.

The most recent one is the Game Show Blog. From guessing if it’s Donald Trump’s hair or an animal, to a new dance craze called The Interlude, the Game Show Blog offers some unique and one-of-a-kind activities.

I’m looking forward to implementing a few of these!

HT Youth Ministry Geek


  1. I believe that children can be led / and led astray by use of the internet. Why not occupy their time in searching for excitement and truth with the internet and other media.
    They will find something on their own if we do not give them something profitable to watch and play.

    Go for it!

  2. Hey Jeremy! At College Wesleyan, we taught the kiddos the interlude once, it was awesome. –

    • That’s great! We just did it a couple of weeks ago @ msy. They really enjoyed the dance. We recorded ours as well:

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