Summer Bible camp is a wonderful opportunity to spend an entire week with children and/or teenagers without outside distractions.

Just think, if you have Monday through Friday with your campers that equals about 60 waking hours with them. If you see your students at church EVERY week for an HOUR, then a focused week of summer Bible amp has more time than the whole Sunday School year!

An amazing opportunity!

HT Adam McLane


  1. As a child: Camp was a wonderful time to learn / confirm what I
    was taught at Church and to meet others my age / & be loved.
    As a teen: God spoke to my heart / that message was confirmed by
    caring adults.
    That early childhood training opened my heart and mind to God’s
    call to Pastoral Ministry. That call was confirmed by my
    parents, my Pastor and by people I met at Camp.
    Carefully planned Camping programs sponsored by Parents, Pastors
    and Churches can provide lasting lasting impact on our
    children and youth — on our churches and on our world!

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