Everyone likes to win.

I like to win.

It feels great to beat a cocky middle schooler who thinks he’s the great air hockey player in the world!

However, when I really think about it… while I like to win, I really enjoy just playing.

As in the comic above, Calvin was at a loss for words once he completed his victory chant. He expected the feeling of winning to last longer or bring on a ticker-tape parade (or something). I wonder if the act of playing games is what is the most fun, rather than just the winning aspect of it.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not one who thinks everyone is a winner and there are no losers. We should not protect children from the realities of life too often. If games weren’t set up to have a winner and loser(s), then games would never end and it would be no fun playing anymore.

So while there should be winners and losers in games, I think we need to enjoy the art of playing games more than just emphasizing the end result.’

Funny, this might save you some face at the next high school basketball or hockey game!


  1. I love playing the games.
    Loving the play is the point AND I always try to win.
    Winning a game is not the JUDGE of my life!
    I always try to win — that is the point.

    • Ben, let’s do a staring contest… you’ll win! Why? Because it won’t matter to me who wins (I’ll probably give in). It will be more fun playing a staring game with you!! 🙂

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