What if it was illegal to clean your room? I know… that would be so cool, wouldn’t it?!

But then someone came along and shared with you the Gospel of Being Clean, or the Gospel of Not Being a Slob. And you think: “Yeah, I want to clean my room.” But that lands you in jail for an illegal offense.

This situation is similar to the one Peter and John found themselves in, although the Gospel they were proclaiming has more far-reaching implication to all of life!

Peter and John got in trouble with the religious leaders of the day when they healed a man in the Temple and were preaching that Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and you should follow Him. Even though they were told not to continue teaching and sharing about Jesus, Peter and John were overjoyed that they has suffered for Jesus like Jesus had suffered.

Did you get that? They were excited!! Interesting. This Jesus movement was unlike any the religious rulers of the day had encountered thus far. And we know, because we’ve got 2,000 years of church history to look over, but persecuting them would only fuel their fire all the more!!

Peter and John Before the Sanhedrin [y3_w28]

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  1. You stretch young minds with plain teaching.
    Disobeying civil authority to obey God is huge!
    I wonder what the children told their parents!

    • I can hear it now: Parent, “Why didn’t you obey me?” Child, “Jeremy said the Bible said to obey God not humans!” Uh-oh!

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