Notes from: What Makes ‘Em Tick? How Preschoolers Learn and Grow

Breakout Session @ CPC 2012 Orlando by Karen Apple @

Preschoolers learn more by what you DO, than what you SAY.

Kindergarteners are more like preschoolers than school age kids (1st grade)… in Karen’s opinion.

Greet kids first, then their parents.

When a child shows you their “artwork” never say: “What is it?” Instead say: “Wow! Tell me about it!”

Children learn most abstract concepts in concrete relationships.

Ask specific questions of a preschooler: NOT the generic “What did you learn today?” Rather, “Who did you play with today?” or, “What was the story you heard?”

Children remember:

  • 10% hear
  • 15% see
  • 20% hear & see
  • 40% discuss
  • 80% do
  • 90% see & do

If a ball is involved, boys are onboard… if a ball is pink or sparkles, girls love it!

When the body moves, the brain engages.


  1. Yes, the kids are first to be greeted.
    Yes, kids learn more from what they have in hand than from what
    you say.
    Yes, kids need action, motion to learn.

    I’m wondering, does a squirming, wiggly kid learn more, faster?

    • We are always amazed at how much kids learn even when they are wiggly, squirming and seemingly not paying attention!

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