Notes from: Creative Attention Getters

Breakout Session @ CPC 2012 Orlando by John Tasch

  • People make a decision in 8 seconds whether or not they are going to listen to you.
  • If you don’t put on a program for the kids, they will put one on for you!
  • If you’re not exhausted after your ministry, you’re not doing a good job!
  • Feed them on the level they understand.
  • You’ve got to make what you do ATTRACTIVE.
  • The attention span of a child is directly related to the level of their involvement.
  • You want kids to ask their Mom on Monday: “Is it Sunday yet?”

Game Ideas:

  1. High-fives. Give 5 people a high-five. Give 5 more people high-tens. Jumping high-fives.
  2. Shake as many hands as you can in 17 seconds.
  3. Meet 3 people and ask them 2 questions: 1) favorite ice cream flavor, and 2) favorite season
  4. Say “Jesus” when hand goes up get louder, goes down get softer. Boys versus girls.
  5. When hands cross, clap
  6. 1st person to bring me something
    – notes
    – white sock
    – $1
    – house key
    – pen
    – used Kleenex
    – ABC gum
  7. Award tickets (use for 3 weeks, then shelve)
    – PAT (Participation Award Ticket)
    – SDS (Super Duper Saint)
    – Smiling Faces
    – Happy Hearts
    – looking for back against the seat, hands in your lap, smiling faces facing forward.
  8. Junior Monitor could award tickets because it gets a kid involved
  9. Prizes:
    – candy
    – school supplies
    – McDonalds coupons
    – DQ
  10. Cardboard Dice – roll it and hand out that much candy
  11. Fill it Up cups
  12. First person to wave
  13. First person to stand up when say a certain word (i.e. attention or North Carolina)


  1. I watched this done a few Sundays ago — you had every person’s
    Any variety of this would get kids on your side, quickly!

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