Initiative #3 – Communicate with Families
Reggie Joiner |

Notes from General Session #3
@ CPC 2012 Orlando

Invitation to: ACT like family is IMPORTANT

No one has more potential to influence a child’s relationship with God than a parent.

Many churches don’t need a tweak, but rather a systems overhaul

  1. Families don’t need a BETTER PICTURE, they need a BIGGER STORY
    – there is not an ideal “family” or a perfect “picture”
    – biblically there is NO SUCH THING as a perfect, or “biblical” family (try it, go through the stories…)
    When you invite families into the BIGGER STORY, which is about redemption and restoration, you:
    – see EVERY family’s potential
    – give EVERY family hope.
    Parents need to partner with a church and churches need to partner with parents God is at work telling a story of restoration and redemption (Parenting Beyond Your Capacity).
  2. Parents don’t need more to do, they need to do something more STRATEGIC
    – churches need to define what a practical, spiritually engaged family is
    – you will always have parents who don’t get it
    – celebrate small changes (baby steps, simple stories)
    – make it easy for parents to win
  3. Churches should do less for KIDS and more for FAMILIES
    Start acting like:
    – what happens @ home is more important that what happens @ church
    – what happens in Youth Ministry is just as important as what happens in Children’s Ministry
    – what happens in YOUR house is more important that what happens in YOUR ministry

Anyone can do your job/ministry… you are replacable… however, no one can be your kids mother or father.

Nehemiah 4:13-14

Don’t stop fighting for the heart of your kids, relationships, and family!!


  1. I want to stop — and cry . . .

    Families need someone to care — and love them through each crisis.

    They need HOPE!

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