Notes from: Spiritual Parenting: Resourcing Your Parents to Be Spiritual Leaders

Breakout Session @ CPC 2012 Orlando by Kit Rae

Core Values (@ Rock Harbor):

  1. Parents are primary
  2. Church is supportive
  3. Holy Spirit works when He chooses (on His own time table)

Temporal vs. Eternal
carpool, laundry, TV Studying the Word, worship, fellowship, prayer, devotion, sleeping, house cleaning, sports

Redeem the time

Spiritual Parenting is not perfect parenting… it is simply parenting with eternity in view

  1. Parent in such a way that honors God
  2. Creates environments that place our children in the path of the Divine

God: “this is how I created your son/daughter’s personality, so cooperate with how I’ve made your children.”


  1. Controlling behavior
  2. Merely exposing them to other Christians or church

As spiritual parents our goal is to…

Pass on a vibrant faith and authentic faith

  1. Our kids know and hear God’s voice
  2. Desire to obey it, when they hear His voice
  3. Obey not out of their own power, but in the power of the Holy Spirit

Parental Spectrum:

Either: Away from the WORLD -or- In the WORLD

We are called to be in the world, but not of the world.

What would we want our kids to declare with their lives?

Word “faith” has three connotations at its core:

  • firm conviction
  • personal surrender
  • corresponding conduct resultant of the prior two

Results of focusing on behavior:

  1. Simply hide their sin and live a double life
  2. Cover their sin by doing good and they deal with their sin by trying harder and harder to be good
  3. Simply to give into the world, fill themselves with what the world has to offer, and rebel

10 Environments

(I think this is from and included in the “Spiritual Parenting” DVD teaching series)

  1. Storytelling >; story of God and our own personal story where God has redeemed and transformed us
  2. Faith Community >; traditions
  3. Identity >;
  4. Service >;
  5. Out of Comfort Zone >; constantly being stretched
  6. Responsibility >;
  7. Course Correction >; biblical discipline is about restoration and redemption (season of pain, speak in, set on a clear path)
  8. Love & Respect >;
  9. Knowing >;
  10. Modeling >;


  1. Build a very plain and sensible statement of CORE VALUES.

    Work constantly with parents in the changing sceenes of a growing and maturing family. Prepare parents well to deal with the issues of life. I guess I mean “THIS IS FAMILY MINISTRY”
    not just children. Lord, teach us to pray!

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