Notes from: Leading Multiple Ministries

Breakout Session @ CPC 2012 Orlando by Jim Wideman @

Most kidmin folks have multiple ministries to oversee

How do you do it all and do it well?

  1. Study to show yourself approved
    – Peter F. Drucker “Effective Executor”
    – Jim Wideman “Beat the Clock”
  2. Find a coach
  3. You need the right tools… the right tools make any job easier
  4. You need the support of your family and permission to work
    – the 40-hour work week is not biblical (result of the great depression)
    – biblical mandate for work is sun up to sun down six days a week
  5. Master Time Management
    – Planning: make appointments by priorities (assuming a previous list of priorities)
    – Preparation: set steps in order to the things that need to be done; set alerts, reoccurring
    – Evaluate your time: what was done? What was not done? How can you do better tomorrow?
    – Schedule time with Jesus
    – Schedule time with everything
    – Ask: “Have my priorities changed?”
    – Using the time of someone else: train others; borrow other people’s time; difficult to delegate, you have to let someone else sorry all over the kids like someone else let you sorry all over their students!
  6. Know what’s expected of you in every areaAre your expectations what your supervisor’s expectations are?
  7. List everything you need to manage… making routines
  8. Build your team (we’re in the people business)
    – Are you a dumper?
    – Are you a delegator / duplicator? And a trainer?

Don’t spend your time doing routine things (doesn’t mean that you are more important than anyone else, or that routine tasks are beneath you…). Make a list of things that other people can do, and keep doing (or start) doing the things that only YOU can do.

10 Steps to Oversee Multiple Ministries:

  1. Develop routines and set regular times to develop others
  2. Master time saving tools
  3. Depend on lists and reminders – don’t waste your thoughts on things you can write down in a list
  4. Update daily and change the priority of each task as needed
  5. Constantly look for areas you can make better – improve yourself
    – Burnout: being overwhelmed for long periods of time.
    – Overwhelmed: lost the ability to take a big task and make it into smaller pieces
  6. Read, study, grow – make time for personal investment
  7. Network with others and find out what’s working
  8. Encourage the ideas and opinions of others
  9. Evalute!
    – How do you keep score in your ministry?
    – Salvation is a field goal… discipleship is the touchdown!
    – If you love the Bible you’ll love Jesus. If you love Jesus it doesn’t mean you’ll love the Bible
  10. Delegate to those you’ve duplicated

**always be on the lookout for more that you can take off of those ABOVE you**


  1. It seems to me that you have been taught by someone who can “do it all” and never miss a thing and never get weary.
    Just a thought: One can learn most of these directions, in time.
    Superb ideas and concepts, to be sure! Thank you.

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