My parents both modeled a powerful example of what being like Jesus looks like:

When I was a toddler and a preschooler, my Dad was stationed in West Berlin, Germany (he was in the Air Force).

My parents used to own a VW van that broke down a lot, but they used it to transport various people to church. One time is vivid in my mind: I remember a woman breastfeeding her baby as we bumped down the road to church with a blanket over her. I remember thinking (or now as I ponder backwards) how neat it was that my parents would take a van load of people to church with them. I don’t know why they did or how they did. All I remember was that one time with the breastfeeding lady in the van. I think I classified her as needy. Maybe all of them as needy.

This experience helped form my image of God by my parents modeling for me as a young child what it meant to help other people when they were needy.

God helps those in need.


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