Following Jesus is NOT a Fad


It’s tough and exhausting to stay up on all the “cool” fads in Youth Culture. I’m so glad that I’ve been in Youth Ministry long enough to know that “being cool” isn’t found in how you dress, or one’s ability to quote and sing a current Pop music song, rather “being cool” is found in how relationship with the Lord can transcend humanity’s various changing sub-cultures.

As the clip below illustrates: Jesus doesn’t belong in a box of all your past “cool” stuff, but rather in our hearts no matter what culture you are a part of…

my apologies…

HT Life in Student Ministry
source YouTube


  1. WOW!
    But popular buzzzzzzzz is not all there is to following Christ.
    We come thru some strange “passes” but there is no necessitity to get blown away. Total commitment to Jesus is the plan!

    • It’s probably an attempt to show how one can follow Jesus in any country or culture, but in this attempt it looks more like Christianity is co-opted rather than the essence.

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