Our lead pastor at Hayward Wesleyan Church, Mark Wilson, is a champion of small town church ministry. His calling is to encourage and resource small town pastors. Mark travels and speaks often to rural pastors and has a knack for understanding their situation (because he is in a small town) and seeks to “revitalize their church.”

Back in December, Mark shared an insightful post about Jesus being called to do small town ministry called: Jesus Was a Small Town Preacher.

Mark’s blog can be found @ Revitalize Your Church


  1. There are great people in small churches — great preachers and teachers and parents and neighbors and friends — and missionaries . . .

    The list could be endless and the reasons many. It sounds like this: I can, I will obey God’s Word. I will teach, preach, witness, be kind. I will take responsibility — there is no one else to blame == when God called, I answered, “YES”.

    We heard missionaries often. One said, “Many of our best missionaries come from ‘small churches.'” The least spoken word was, “Let someone else do it!” There wasn’t anyone else.

    • Small town church leaders just aren’t “popularized,” but once we get over that need for “recognition” (and hopefully we do), then we can be about shepherding, encouraging, and exhorting God’s people in significant ways…

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