If our premise, or core values if you will, for this small group experiment is to:

  • build community
  • share life
  • model Christ-like character
  • engage in creative content and prayer
  • radically goof off together

…then with a small group of 6th grade boys, we would start with radically goofing off together!

So we did.

I’ve amassed a stash of Nerf guns at the church that I used sporadically to connect with small groups of kids when they needed to just play. And so for almost 2 hours after school on a Thursday, we shot Nerf darts at each other, played a variety of games and scenarios, and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Playing Nerf guns together would prove to become a regular activity for us each time we met.

This post is part of a continual series on the Middle School Small Groups Experiment.