For the last couple of months we’ve been repeating a sort of mantra with the girls at bed time.

We say: “Who loves you?”

The girls reply: “Mom, Dad and God.”

Then we ask: “Why did God make you?”

To which the girls answer: “To love God, and to love others.”

The other night I took the application a little further. I asked Sari how she was doing with loving others. She talked about a close friend of hers and how she’s trying to allow God to help her love her friend better.

Then I asked Sari how she was doing in the “loving God” category, to which she replied:

“Oh Daddy, I’ve always loved Jesus!”


    • We got the idea from a Children’s Ministry White Paper, a sort of treatise on why a particular church does kidmin the way they do. At the end of the paper they talk about this concept and they called it a good night word.

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