Woah… there’s like a TON of rules in the Bible… 613 to be exact.

And some of the rules overlap, so a priority structure was put into place, but then different groups of people argued over which rules, or commandments were more important that the other.

This is the backdrop of Jesus’ teaching… a religious leaders as Jesus: “Teacher, what is the greatest commandment?”

At this point, everyone leaned in to hear which group of people Jesus would endorse as the ones with the correct priorities. And true to form, Jesus picked a completely different commandment than the ones they all had placed in the primary positions.

I ask my kids this [almost] every night: “Who loves you?” Answer: “God, Mommy and Daddy.” Me: “Why did God make you?” Answer: “To love God and to love others.”

Simple, really.

The Greatest Commandment [y3_w20]

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