True story: An All Pro Dad we know was at work one day when his wife walked in, holding their infant first-born, tears streaming down her face. She handed him the bawling child, said “I’ve had it!”, and walked out. He didn’t know if she’d gone home, gone somewhere else, or left the state.

They both arrived home around the same time.

“He wouldn’t stop crying all afternoon,” she said. “I suddenly realized that I couldn’t just take him back to Sears. That’s when I thought of you…”

We have these moments many times while we’re raising our kids. We lose our minds, lose our imagination, and we can’t think of anything original to do.

Here are a few novel ideas:

10 Parenting Ideas You (Probably) Never Thought Of

They were conjured up by dads who were probably not under stress at the time. We believe they might help.

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