It’s time for Jesus to reveal his destiny… rise up… proclaim his kingdom… ride into Jerusalem… establish himself as King… unite all the Israelites under his Messiah-ship… and do battle with the Romans! Yes! Let’s do this!

Not quite. Jesus did reveal his destiny, proclaim his kingdom, and ride into Jerusalem. But he didn’t do battle with the Romans. Jesus’ kingdom was not of this world (which is so difficult for his followers to understand… wasn’t that the Messiah’s job?). He went into the Temple, flipped over the tables of the money-changers, and then left. He left?! Yep, he left Jerusalem.

This was the beginning of the end for Jesus. This was the pinnacle of his public popularity. It is all downhill for him from here on out. His followers switch sides. Loyalties are questioned. Betrayal plans are being made in secret. Jesus is poised to suffer and die for the sake of the entire world…

Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem [y3_w19]

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