Categories can be dangerous, so don’t actually call your children “strong willed” or “stubborn” or “passive” or whatever… be careful of the labels we place on children.

However, in an effort to understand children, creating categories (and labels of sorts) are helpful to develop a sort of parental spectrum and a language to begin conversing about the spectrum and where our children’s various temperaments fit. Hopefully, the outcome of defining and understanding such a spectrum will lead us as parents to better be able to train our children in character, behavior, and eventual vocation.

Here is an article that helps define one such parental spectrum that is worth reading to better understand your children and your role and actions as a parent of these children:

Parenting the Strong Willed Child and the Unmotivated Child
by Dr. Scott Turansky

(Notice I said “one such” and “a” parental spectrum. There are many others that are helpful as well. This one I’ve highlighted is not the ONLY one, but one that might be helpful for us as parents.)