I purchased a year’s worth of curriculum series through Simply Youth Ministry for msy on Wednesdays during 2011-2012.

The third series was called “Tempting Stuff: Helping Teenagers Battle Everyday Temptations” Here’s the description for the series:

“Temptation is something everyone experiences—even Jesus was tempted! And one of Satan’s most devious tricks is to use temptation not just to get students to sin, but to separate themselves from the body of Christ because of guilt and shame.”

Lessons include:

  • The Temptation Story
  • Selfish Temptations
  • Do Nothing Temptations
  • Dishonest Temptations
  • Cruel Temptations

These small group series from Simply Youth Ministry have been really successful for our Middle School Youth Wednesday environment. We divide the large group into about 8 small groups and show the video segments in the large group and then have the small group leaders (adults) talk through the questions with the students in between the two video segments. That’s it. The series are focused, simple, concrete, and easy for middle school students to understand. It is digestable and memorable.

It’s been a great first part of the school year using these various small group curriculum teaching series.