I purchased a year’s worth of curriculum series through Simply Youth Ministry for msy on Wednesdays during 2011-2012.

The second series was called “The Red Stuff: Exploring the Words of Jesus” Here’s the description for the series:

Students get to dig in to the words of Jesus himself, the “Red Stuff”. They’ll take a look at five of Jesus’ parables, uncover what His message was, and see how it still applies to their life today.

Lessons cover what Jesus said about:

  • The Bible
  • Our Talents
  • Pride
  • Persistent Prayer
  • Eternity

This series worked really well with our students. The series did a great job teaching about parables and other teachings of Jesus. One really neat side benefit was the discovery that the words of Jesus were colored in red in most Bibles. They thought that was really cool!

I created a msy series landing page for our various series this year as well as previous years (although I have not retroactively updated our previous years teaching series yet, but I hope to do that in the future). Any elements we add to the series or want to communicate further we add to the individual series page on The Red Stuff series @ hwcyouth.org.