I purchased a year’s worth of curriculum series through Simply Youth Ministry for msy on Wednesdays during 2011-2012.

The first series was called “Messy Stuff: finding hope in the midst of everyday struggles”. Here’s the description for the series:

Ever watched a TV sitcom and wished that your life’s problems could be fixed and answered in just 30 minutes, too? Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work that way. Life is messy. You and I are broken—and so are the students in your youth ministry.

We’re broken physically by sickness and disease. We’re broken emotionally by painful life experiences and hurtful words that others have spoken. Our relationships with God and other people are broken, too.

In this 5-week small group video series from Heather Flies, your students will examine the reality of our messy lives—and discover how valuable they are to God, despite their messiness. They’ll investigate the wrong ways and the right ways to handle the stuff that makes life messy and causes our pain and brokenness. And they’ll be encouraged to invite God and other people into the process of change in their lives.

Help your students discover that despite life’s messiness, we can be healed and made whole.

Topics for this series include:

  • Me, Valuable?
  • Um, What Happened?
  • How To Handle The Hurts
  • Finding Hope in the Messiness
  • Remember, Life’s Pain Isn’t Permanent!

I created a msy series landing page for our various series this year as well as previous years (although I have not retroactively updated our previous years teaching series yet, but I hope to do that in the future). Any elements we add to the series or want to communicate further we add to the individual series page on Messy Stuff series page @ hwcyouth.org.

This was a good series for us to start with and was useful for some topical conversations with the students as well as for us as leaders to figure out how to structure the small groups @ msy.