How to Play Four Corners:

What you need is a somewhat symmetrical box that you can make a sort of “dice” out of. I used a box my sister sent recently that housed Christmas presents. I taped up the box, wrote the numbers 1 through 4 on four sides, then placed “Roll Again” on two sides, and then let my girls “decorate” the rest of the box.

You also need a room with four corners in it. You can choose to label the four corners or, like me, you can place a leader in each corner and have them hold up a finger to designate what number the corner is (this puts a human, relational presence to the corners and makes it fun).

Have the students pick a corner, then roll the dice. The number facing up is the corner that is out. Let kids pick a new corner and roll again. Keep going until the numbers have dwindled a bit, then have the students pick a corner one final time, however when you roll the dice, the number that is facing up, will be the corner that wins!

This was the favorite game at our Junior Followers 2011 Christmas party!

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