A rich young man approaches Jesus and asks him: “Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” Now we often read that in a timeline sense, like “how do I live forever?” This young man was asking a much deeper, more pressing question: “What must I do to live the kind of life that God wants, that is true to God’s ultimate intention for humanity?”

Valid question. One we all wonder about. “How do I live the kind of life that God wants me to live?” For the rich young man, Jesus’ answer was targeted toward the man’s wealth because it was in riches that the man hoped to be “saved” or taken care of in this life. In other words: “Surely God’s ultimate intention for humanity is to accumulate wealth so you can live comfortably and without fear.”

Jesus says, “Nope. You are serving two masters. Sell everything you have then follow me.” This was something the rich young man either could not or would not let go of.

I wonder what it is that I serve right alongside of God sometimes…?

The Rich Young Man [y3_w15]

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