“Just who is my neighbor?”

We’ve (humans) been asking this question for millenia. And this was the very question posed to Jesus back 2,000 years ago:

“Who do I have to LOVE?”

And it was just like the Son of God to pinpoint exactly “who” it was to the person (or group of people) asking this question. In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus shoots straight at the religious leaders and Jews of the day with their hated neighbors, the Samaritans. It was in this iconic and classic story that Jesus shares “you need to be a neighbor (and love them) to the one (or group of people) that you seem to hate the most.”

Jesus always had a way of accurately pinpointing exactly what the “hearer” needed.

I wonder who it is that I hate and need to love as my neighbor? Maybe you should wonder and let Jesus ask you that question as well…

The Parable of the Good Samaritan [y3_w14]

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