I was reading a children’s book about the Gospel to Sari the other day and afterwards I read the foreword which was addressed to parents. The author encouraged parents to read and re-read, review, and ask questions about the Gospel.

In that moment I was mentally reviewing how many times we teach and review the Gospel in our children and youth ministries @ Hayward Wesleyan. Not very often. I was convicted about this and expressed to a close ministry partner my thoughts and how we need to weave sharing both the simplicity and the power of the Gospel in concrete and creative ways.

The Gospel doesn’t just need to be a one time thing. It needs to be something that convicts and challenges all of us to live in light of the suffering, sacrifice, and right-side-up life (that often feels like living upside-down) of Christ.

Therefore, we are going to centralize and repeat the teaching and proclamation of the Gospel in Followers, Main Street, and msy.

A couple of nights later, my friend and fellow small group leader, Dave Dixon shared the Gospel using a particular knot he calls the “knotty knot” and John 3:16 @ msy.

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