Another successful year of “Trunk or Treating” @ Hayward Wesleyan! We topped last year’s numbers by about 30 candy-goers. Our “official” count was somewhere around 1050 students (not counting their parents in tow!).

We repeated the same location and traffic flow as last year. In order to contain the large line of people, we wound them through our long hallway and out the back entrance to the church into the back parking lot where all the cars and trunks were located.

There seemed to be a more excited and anticipatory buzz among the trunk volunteers this year. I don’t know why, nor do I have anything specific to pin my sense on… it just made things really enjoyable!

Last year we ran out of candy. This year we did not. I attribute our preparedness to our early candy donation push. For whatever reason, we didn’t ask for candy donations until really late last year. Thus our stash that supplements our trunk volunteers was not able to keep up with demand! This year, we got the candy donation announcements in really early (like the first Sunday in October), which allowed for 5 weeks worth of candy donations. We ended up with a half-bin of candy leftover, which is just amazing considering how much candy we went through that evening! And I didn’t have to scurry over to Walmart and drop hundreds of $$ on candy!

In addition to the early candy donation push, we had a great return of trunk volunteers from last year. Several families have been involved since we began back in 2006, but many new families have since joined this annual tradition. We had a couple of new trunk participants and they were just plain shocked how much candy they went through and how unprepared they were!

Really, really good times!

Here’s a link to the Trunk or Treat 2011 Promo video.

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