This past weekend in Main Street, we recounted more miracles of Jesus. He healed:

  • Jairus’ daughter
  • a bleeding woman
  • 10 lepers
  • one leper

I kind of set the students up this past Sunday. It was awesome! Every week we rotate either singing or playing a game. This week was the game rotation. So we played an activity called: The Dot Game. The kids were playing against me and I had a different student come up to the stage each time it was the “kids” turn to draw a line between the dots. About 15 students were able to draw lines and each of them received a piece of candy regardless of what happened (win or lose). I lingered by each student after I gave them candy giving them a chance to say “thank you” (but they didn’t know what I was doing).

It was a thing of beauty… the students had no idea they were being taught a lesson while we were playing this game. Later, when we reached the story of the 10 lepers who asked to be healed by Jesus, who in turn told them to show themselves to the priests, and along the way were cleansed, I shared with them that the story says that the 10 lepers were so happy and took off home, while one of the lepers returned to Jesus to say “thank you.” I asked the students if it was difficult to remember to say thank you. Then I took them back to the “Dot Game” and revealed to them that I gave them each an opportunity to say thank you, but no one did. The room was eerily quiet and the point hit home.

I encouraged the students that God’s people look like (and really are) thankful kind of people… and they should be too! Cool, eh?

Jesus Heals More [y3_w08]

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