I currently manage two Facebook “pages” through hwcYouth. They are for our Followers and Middle School Youth programs. I created them for a couple of reasons:

  1. As a way to share pictures, videos, and ministry announcements
  2. A different way of connecting with people other than email… it’s adding in that connection that is intuitive for many people who are on Facebook (which is a lot of people).

I have yet to leverage these pages beyond these two reasons. The other day I came across a blog post on 4 Unique Ways of Using Facebook In Youth Ministry. Here are the 4 ways:

  1. Setting Up and Following Up Youth Group With A Video
  2. Getting Game Contestants From Those Who Comment On Your Page’s Current Status
  3. Allow Them to Decide A Part Of Youth Group
  4. Online Scavenger Hunt

These are some ideas that would be really fun to try and implement. I’m wondering what other ideas there might be in using facebook to incorporate more involvement at Youth Group or @ Followers with students and parents.

Any thoughts?

source ChurchMag