For the last 4 years, we have recorded and archived the teachings during Main Street. The main reason we do this is to provide ideas for other children’s ministry teachers and parents on create ways to “teach” and tell the stories of the Bible. You can view most of the videos @ (you’ll see many other videos there as well). We’ve made this audio only podcast available for those who don’t want to watch a video on their computer, but to download and listen on a portable device.

Main Street Teachings walks students through the stories of the Bible chronologically. We try to teach simply and concretely (specifically for our audience: children). We also try to teach and embed the stories of the Bible and the character of God they reveal into the hearts and lives of students.

Our hope (my hope) is that by subscribing to the Main Street Teachings podcast, you’ll be strengthened in knowledge of God’s Word and challenged to live out His ethic to the world.

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