Recently someone made a comment to me about flying on a plane: “Don’t get on the plane if there is an Arab onboard.” This comment initially bothered me, and still bothers me. Maybe because I know how prejudiced it is as well as ignorant. I find it frustrating that we (Americans) seem to have marginalized and blamed an entire people group (Muslims) on the basis and actions of 19 people who did a horrific act on 9-11-01. Granted, I realize that these 19 men had an organization behind them, and the attacks against civilians and innocent lives was atrocious.

Still, I find it ridiculous and wrong to subjugate any and all Muslims to this terrible, terrorist group.

As a Christian (a follower of Jesus), I don’t want to be associated the likes of fundamentalist, militant Christianity, either, but our seemingly American tendency is to lump a whole continuum of people into one ideology (however extreme the edges might be). There are people who follow Jesus who are hopeful of an end to religious extremism and anticipate a day when we all as humans learn to respect and appreciate the diversity and uniqueness of each person, people group, culture, ethnicity, and country of origin.

I think Jesus called this the “kingdom of heaven” in Matthew.

Just so you, there were many different nationalities present on my recent flight on 9-11-11. And it was a smooth and uneventful flight.


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