Quotes from Kids in Followers #4


During Followers 2010-2011, the students interacted with phrases, verses and Bible stories. On the last day of Followers, we had the students write down some practical applications of actually practicing these principles in real life. This series “Quotes from kids” will share what the kids wrote:

Say it Phrase: Whining makes me want to shout, but God’s love helps me to tune it out.

Say it Verse: His glorious power will make you patient and strong enough to endure anything. Colossians 1:11


  • Think before you whine!
  • Don’t whine when we don’t get out way!
  • my little brother yells about me using a video game, but I show him God’s love by sharing
  • when Mom says to clean our room we will do it right away without whining
  • Think before you do it
  • to not whine, I think of what God and Jesus did for me
  • be thankful!
  • When my little brother wants a movie I let him watch it